Investing in the Right Supplies

4 Things To Consider That Affect The Cosmetic Quality Of An Injection Molded Part

09 March

Injection molding is the best way to quickly create plastic parts with high levels of accuracy, but there are some challenges inherent to this form of modeling. If you’re trying to manufacture a part that is always visible and needs a high level of cosmetic quality, you’ll need to make some basic changes to your […]

How To Inspect And Clean A Leaking Solenoid Valve

03 September

Solenoid valves are among the most common valves used in modern industrial processes, so chances are high that if you work with fluid control on the job, you will encounter a solenoid valve. If you encounter a solenoid valve that leaks, you should know that repair is not a difficult job. Many leaks are caused […]

The Material Of Your Casters May Often Determine Their Use

14 August

Most people have a deep appreciation for casters that they may not even know they have. This is because these pivoting rollers make moving any type of load easier, but they work especially well with heavy loads. What you may not realize is that not every caster is designed to be used in every environment. […]

Guidelines For Operating A Temporary Boiler On Commercial Property

10 August

When your company’s boiler requires a major repair or needs to be replaced, you are at risk of losing many days of productivity which can negatively affect your bottom line. Before the inevitable happens, you should seek to build a relationship with a reputable supplier of temporary boilers in order to have reliable service during […]

How To Repair A Damaged Air Compressor Hose Using A Reusable Brass Sleeve Fitting

30 July

If you accidentally cut your compressed air hose while using it, then conventional wisdom says nothing can be done except to throw it in the garbage. However, a cut or damaged air hose can often be repaired and put back to work, resulting in savings for you or your employer. The repair process is simple […]

5 Smart Industrial Air Compressor Safety Tips for Novice Jobsite Managers

24 July

As a novice jobsite manager, your main safety focus may remain centered on the cutting, drilling and welding equipment used throughout the site. Industrial air compressors, on the other hand, are commonly regarded as a relatively safe piece of equipment. As a result, the safety culture surrounding the use of this industrial equipment type may […]